7 Best AI Headshot Generators with Pros, Cons and More

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Girl with computer displaying AI Headshots generated by AI software

In today’s era of digitalization, making a good presence online is essential. Traditionally, people used to spend a lot of money on photoshoots in order to have professional-looking profile pictures and images to use on their social media or online platforms. With advancements in technology, it is now possible to generate professional headshots and profile pictures with AI headshot generators. This makes it easy for a lot of individuals who don’t want to spend a lot of money but want their online presence to look professional.

AI headshot generators are tools or software that use deep learning techniques and analyze large datasets of human faces to generate high-quality and realistic headshots. In this article, we are going to discuss the seven best AI headshot generators that you can use to improve your online presence.

7 Best AI Headshot Generators

These AI headshot generators help improve the digital impression of your personal brand or professional brand. You can create avatars for video games, create LinkedIn profile pictures, and create professional-looking images for corporate websites. From entrepreneurs to students to corporations, these headshot generators will become the go-to place for everyone who wants to create stunning images.

1. ProPhotos AI

ProPhotos AI is an AI headshot generator that can generate professional images. It is best suited for corporations and businesses. Users only need to upload 7–10 photos of them with different angles and backgrounds for the AI to generate images. After uploading, the AI model will take some time, and the headshots will be delivered to the user’s email address. With ProPhotos AI, users can also customize their headshots based on their personal style.

Pricing: $25-$155 based on different plans.

Pros of ProPhotos AI:

  • It offers various clothing styles (suit, coat, blazer, etc.).
  • Very easy to use for users.
  • It takes 30-45 minutes to create headshots.
  • Allows users to customize headshots.

Cons of ProPhotos AI:

  • Some photos may not look exactly like you.
Landing Page of ProPhotos AI Headshot Website
Image Credits: Prophotos AI

2. Aragon AI

Aragon AI is one of the most popular options for creating headshots because of the great quality of the headshots it generates. The headshots look really professional and can be used on corporate websites, LinkedIn profiles, and various online platforms to enhance your online presence. Users need to upload 14 selfies of themselves, and headshots are created within 1 hour of uploading. It also allows users to customize their headshots based on their personal style.

Pricing: $29-$69 based on different plans

Pros of Aragon AI:

  • Easy-to-use user interface.
  • Allows various customization options.
  • Creates high-resolution headshots in different settings and styles.
  • Creates headshots in under 60 minutes.

Cons of Aragon AI:

  • Some AI headshots can be random and may not look like the user.
Landing Page of Aragon AI Headshot Website
Image Credits: Aragon AI

3. Headshot Pro

Headshot Pro is another popular option for generating high-quality headshots. It uses AI tone technology, which analyses your facial features, adjusts lighting, and creates the perfect pose so that your headshots look professional and real. It produces 120 headshots within 2 hours and offers its users the option to choose from a large collection of clothing and background styles.

Pricing: $29-$49 based on different plans

Pros of Headshot Pro:

  • Best for remote teams.
  • Creates 120 headshots within 2 hours.
  • Offers a large collection of clothing and background locations to choose from.
  • Affordable and easy to use.

Cons of Headshot Pro:

  • You need to upload 20 photos of yourself, which can be hard for some people to do.
Landing Page of Headshot Pro AI Headshot Website
Image Credits: Headshot Pro

4. Secta AI

The next AI headshot generator on the list is Secta AI. It uses advanced algorithms to create incredible headshots and provides unique features that set it apart from its competitors. Users need to upload 25 selfies of them, and Secta AI generates 300 headshots within a few hours with different backgrounds, clothing, and styles. It also provides a unique retouch feature that allows users to edit the headshots by changing their clothing, facial expressions, and backgrounds after they have been generated.

Pricing: $49

Pros of Secta AI:

  • Generates 300 headshots within a few hours.
  • Allows users to retouch headshots after headshot generation.
  • Users can enter text prompts based on how they want their headshot output to look.

Cons of Secta AI:

  • Users need to upload 25 selfies of them, which can be a frustrating task for some.
  • It has only one plan for $49$ which can be a bit costly for some users.
Landing Page of Secta AI Headshot Website
Image Credits: Secta AI

5. Fotor

Fotor is another incredible AI tool that lets you create amazing AI headshots for LinkedIn profiles, corporate websites and social media profiles. It allows users to enter text prompts based on how they want their headshots to look. Along with this, users can also retouch the headshots after they have been generated. It is also available on the App Store and Play Store, which makes it convenient for users to create and edit headshots.

Pricing: Starts from $8.99.

Pros of Fotor Headshot Generator:

  • It allows users to edit headshots after their generation.
  • It takes less time to generate headshots.
  • Cheaper than most of the competitors.

Cons of Fotor Headshot Generator:

  • Not as user-friendly as other AI headshot generators.
Landing Page of Fotor AI Headshot Website
Image Credits: Fotor

6. Profile Bakery

Profile Bakery is a user-friendly AI headshot generator that primarily focuses on business use. It is a great choice for corporations that want to create consistent and professional-looking headshots for their team. Here, the user needs to upload 6–15 photos, and headshots are generated within 3 hours and delivered in a Google Drive folder to the user’s email address. In the email, they specifically state that only 2–5 photos look exactly like you, and others might not look real.

Pricing: $20-$69

Pros of Profile Bakery:

  • User-friendly AI headshot generator.
  • Users need to upload only six photos in order to generate headshots.
  • It is best suited for businesses and corporations.

Cons of Profile Bakery:

  • Only 2–5 headshots look like the real you.
Landing Page of Profile Bakery AI Headshot Website
Image Credits: Profile Bakery

7. Dreamwave AI

Dreamwave is another great AI headshot generator that creates high-quality headshots within an hour with different backgrounds. It was developed by a team of experts previously employed by Google and MIT. It generates both casual and formal headshots. The users need to upload only 8 images and give information about their gender, ethnicity, and eye color, and the rest of the job is done by the AI Algorithm.

Pricing: Starts from $39

Pros of Dreamwave AI:

  • User Friendly and easy to use.
  • Offers different background options.
  • Most of the photos look real.
  • Creates headshots within an hour.

Cons of Dreamwave AI:

  • Might not be budget friendly for everyone.
Landing Page of Dreamwave Website
Image Credits: Dreamwave AI

Advantages of Using AI Headshot Generators:

With the help of AI headshot generators, it has become very easy to generate professional-looking headshots. The task of having a professional-looking headshot is no longer troublesome; you just need to upload a few pictures of yourself, and the rest of the task is done by these AI headshot generators. The headshots generated can easily enhance your LinkedIn profile, corporate website, or social media profiles. Here are some of the biggest advantages to using AI headshot generators:.

1. Cost-effective: AI headshot generators have made it a lot easier for people who don’t want to book expensive photoshoots in order to have professional-looking images. Most headshot generators are budget-friendly and do a really nice job.

2. More Convenient: If someone is not prepared for having a professional shoot or if he or she is just nervous about his or her looks or style, AI headshot generators allow them to have a professional-looking online presence.

3. Time-efficient: AI headshot generators save a lot of time as compared to traditional photoshoots, in which you have to contact the photographer, arrange dates, do shoots, and later get the edited pictures.

4. Customisation: Most AI headshot generators allow their users to customise their headshots by changing the background, elements, clothing, lighting, and more. This is really helpful for people who don’t have graphic design skills but want to have a great online presence.


AI headshot generators are the future of digital image creation. The ability of these tools to generate polished professional headshots makes them a lot more valuable. However, it is important for users to be mindful of their privacy concerns while using these tools and to check the privacy policies of these tools before uploading their personal images.

These tools still have some limitations, as most of the generators produce very few images that look real, but with advancements in technology, these tools will continue to evolve, and they might be able to produce more real-looking images that can be valuable for businesses, corporations, job seekers, social media influencers, and more.


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