AI Girlfriend Chatbots Begin to Appear on GPT Store

Jan 15, 2024 | 0 comments

Girlfriend AI Chatbots on GPT Store

OpenAI launched their GPT store last week. The GPT store consists of customized versions of ChatGPT created by users. Users can publish their custom-created chatbot to the GPT store. They can also share and discover existing chatbots. OpenAI is already facing moderating issues; many AI girlfriend chatbots that go against OpenAI’s policies are already available to use and share at the GPT store.

There are many AI companion apps that got popular after COVID 19, as they helped users talk to someone in their alone time. According to reports by, in 2023, 7 out of every 30 apps downloaded in the US from the Play Store were related to AI companions, AI friends, and AI girlfriends. Now OpenAI’s GPT store is also getting filled with companion chatbots.

GPT Store Filled with AI Girlfriend Chatbots

The GPT store consists of various useful chatbots that help users do things like learn coding, math, get recommendations, monitor health, do meditations, and exercise. But according to a report by Quartz, the GPT store is full of virtual girlfriend chatbots. After entering the search term “girlfriend,” at least eight chatbots come up in the search result, including Korean Girlfriend, Virtual Sweetheart, Your AI girlfriend, Tsu, and many others.

The chatbots ask questions like “What does your dream girl look like?” “Share with me your darkest secret,” and many other things to interact with the user.

OpenAI’s Rules for AI Girlfriend Chatbots

OpenAI’s terms of service don’t allow GPTs that are “dedicated to fostering romantic companionship or performing regulated activities.” So these bots also appear to be against the company’s policies, but the company didn’t disclose what regulated activities consist of.

OpenAI claims that it uses a combination of automated systems, human review, and user reports to find GPTs that violate their policies. Those found to be harmful may get warnings, share restrictions, or become ineligible for monetization.

OpenAI rules


After opening the GPT store last week, it is evident that regulating GPTs is going to be a tough task for OpenAI, as chatbots like AI Girlfriends are already filling up on the GPT store. So it will be interesting to see how OpenAI deals with these chatbots who go against their usage policy.

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