AI Regulation Body Should be imposed just like Nuclear Energy: Bill Gates’ Podcast with Sam Altman

Jan 13, 2024 | 0 comments

Sam Altman and Bill Gates talk about AI Regulation

There are many advantages to AI, and it is the future of the tech industry around the world. It has made humans more productive than they ever were. But everyone is scared about whether it can cause any harm to humans or about it being used dangerously. Hence, AI regulation becomes an important step to complete before we dive deeper into this technology.

OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, recently went on a podcast with Bill Gates. Both of them discussed AI and its global impact. But there was one major topic on which both of them agreed: AI regulation. Altman said that an agency should be set up to regulate AI, just like the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which regulates nuclear weapons. Gates talked about the positive impact of AI and how it can help preserve democracy by reducing polarization and spreading global peace.

Sam Altman’s views on AI regulation

Altman said, “If we are right and this technology goes as far as we think it’s going to go, it will impact society, the geopolitical balance of power, and so many other things.” He said that just like the IAEA regulates the use of nuclear energy because of its global impact, AI systems that will be extraordinarily powerful in the future must require a global agency of some sort because of the potential for global impact they can cause.

Altman further said that any compute cluster above a certain extremely high power threshold should be submitted to an agency equivalent to international weapons inspectors. The model should be made available for a safety audit and should pass some tests before training and deployment.

According to him, these measures will still not save us from everything. Things can still go terribly wrong with smaller-scale systems, but this can help us with the biggest risks.

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