Everything New with the Android 15 Developer Preview 1

Feb 18, 2024 | 0 comments

Android 15 Developers Preview 1

Google has started working on the new Android version and has released Android 15 developer preview 1. The developer previews are meant for app developers to test things and give feedback to Google. However, this is just the start, as Google will release another developer prereview and multiple beta versions of Android 15 before releasing the stable version. Google says Android 15 will be focused on enhancing privacy, security, and performance.

New Features with Android 15 Developer Preview 1

Although there are very few new features we can see with the Android 15 Developer Preview 1, more features are expected to come with the upcoming beta versions of Android 15. However, some key features that come with Android 15 developer preview 1 are:

Enhanced Performance 

The Android Dynamic Performance Framework allows games and performance intensive apps to interact directly with the power and thermal systems of Android devices. 

The Android 15 will bring new ADPF capabilities, including a new power-efficiency mode, allowing developers to manage CPU and GPU frequencies to manage workloads and thermal headroom thresholds that will allow less thermal throttling in apps.

The Latest Version of the Privacy Sandbox

Android 15 includes the latest version of the privacy sandbox. It brings Android AD Services up to extension level 10. The privacy sandbox came with Android 13, which prohibited apps from showing ads based on third-party data collection and browser history. However, it allowed apps to use APIs and show personalized ads based on a user’s interest. The new version will further enhance the privacy of users.

The Latest Version of Health Connect 

The Android 15 comes with the latest version of Health Connect. Health Connect combines data from other fitness and health apps and shows your health metrics on a single dashboard. The new version of Health Connect comes with more health and nutrition metric features.

Partial Screen Recording 

Android 15 includes a screen recording feature that allows users to screen record only a particular app’s content rather than recording the entire screen.

In-App Camera Controls

It is also going to give more developer options to app developers, including in-app camera controls. This will allow developers to use brightness, flash intensity, and other camera features that were previously only available for default camera apps.

Files Protection 

Android 15 will avoid file corruption and file tempering by utilizing the fs-verity feature in the Linux Terminal. It will allow developers to protect files with custom cryptographic signatures. This will enhance security.

Who can Access the Android 15 Developer Preview?

The Android 15 developer preview is available to download on Google Pixel smartphones, including the Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7a, Pixel Fold, Pixel Tablet, Pixel 8, and Pixel 8 Pro.

There may be some issues with your device after installing the Android 15 preview, as many users have reported device stability, battery, and performance issues. As it is for developers, it is not advisable to use it currently, but if you are an Android enthusiast and want to use it, use it at your own risk.

Expected Release of Stable and Final Versions of Android 15

Android 15 Timeline

The first developer preview is out, and one more will come. Google is planning to release four more beta versions, which are scheduled to be available in March and April. So the stable Android 15 is expected to launch by June 2024, and the final version is expected to come after July.

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