OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman Seeks $7 Trillion Investment for New AI Chips Project

Feb 10, 2024 | 0 comments

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OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, is seeking to raise between $5 trillion and $7 trillion for his new AI project that will manufacture AI chips. According to the Wall Street Journal Report, Sam Altman is in talks with investors, including the United Arab Emirates government. The discussions about the project are still in their early stages, and the list of potential investors is unknown.

Open AI’s CEO has previously also had discussions about raising money for chip fabrication plants with Japan’s SoftBank Group and Abu Dhabi-based company G42.

Sam Altman on Need of AI chips

AI chips help to improve performance and help to run complex AI models like ChatGPT or DALL-E. These models require a lot of AI chips to work properly. Due to this, there is always a demand for AI chips. According to Sam Altman, we are going to have a shortage of AI chips in the future. This will limit the worldwide use of artificial intelligence, so we need to act fast to ensure there is enough supply of AI chips by the end of the decade.

A few days ago, Altman posted on X that “the world needs more AI infrastructure—fab capacity, energy, datacenters, etc.—than people are currently planning to build.” He added that “building massive-scale AI infrastructure and a resilient supply chain is crucial to economic competitiveness,” and OpenAI will try to help.

After the Wall Street Journal report came out, Altman posted on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) about the new achievement of OpenAI.

“Openai now generates about 100 billion words per day.

All people on earth generate about 100 trillion words per day.”

A user commented that we need more people. Altman replied to the user’s comment and said we need more GPUs. He further replied to a user’s comment about how many GPUs $7 trillion can buy by saying probably a lot of GPUs.

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$7 trillion is not a joke. It is around 10% of global GDP, and it is much higher than the valuations of companies like Nvidia, TSMC, Samsung, AMD, and Intel. So this shows how much potential Altman thinks the AI chips are going to have in the future. The discussion about funding is still in its early stages, and it will be interesting to see what happens next.

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