OpenAI’s Response to Elon Musk’s Lawsuit: Musk Wanted ‘Full Control’

Mar 6, 2024 | 0 comments

OpenAI's response to Elon Musk's Lawsuit

Last week, Elon Musk filed a lawsuit against OpenAI in San Francisco Superior Court. He accused OpenAI of breach of contract, fiduciary duty, and unfair business practices.

He said the company has breached its founding mission of being non-profit, open source, and is rather making profits and has become closed source under Microsoft.

OpenAI is now responding to the Elon Musk’s Lawsuit. OpenAI took to social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) and posted that they are dedicated to their mission of building safe and beneficial AI, along with a full blog explaining the situation with Elon. Elon Musk replied to the post by saying, “Change your name.”

OpenAI Explains the Situation with Elon

OpenAI stated in their blog that the mission required much more capital and resources than they thought of. They required billions of dollars, and they weren’t able to raise that amount of money by being non-profit. The non-profit was only able to raise $45 million from Musk and $90 million from other donors.

Moreover, in OpenAI’s blog, an email shared by the company having a discussion with Musk about being open-source says, “If a hard takeoff occurs and a safe AI is harder to build than an unsafe one, then by open-sourcing everything, we make it easy for someone unscrupulous with access to overwhelming amount of hardware to build an unsafe AI, which will experience a hard takeoff.

As we get closer to building AI, it will make sense to start being less open. The open in openAI means that everyone should benefit from the fruits of AI after its built, but it’s totally OK to not share the science.”

Musk also agreed with the above statement.

According to OpenAI, in 2017, they decided with Elon to make a for-profit entity. But Musk wanted to have majority equity and initial board control and wanted to become CEO.

OpenAI didn’t agree with the terms of Elon Musk and said “it was against the mission for any individual to have absolute control over OpenAI.”

OpenAI also revealed that Elon Musk wanted to attach the company to Tesla, and shared another email from Elon Musk saying, “Tesla is the only path that could even hope to hold a candle to Google. Even then, the probability of being a counterweight to Google is small. It just isn’t zero.”

Musk later left OpenAI’s board member position in 2018 and started building his own AGI competitor within Tesla.

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