Powerful Galaxy AI Features of Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

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AI features of Samsung Galaxy S24
Image Credits: Samsung

The Galaxy Unpacked event was held on January 17. There were many important announcements, including new Galaxy AI features of Samsung Galaxy S24, pricing, and specifications for the S24 series smartphones. The highly anticipated Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra are officially released. The Galaxy S24 series takes you into a new era of mobile AI that will change how you use smartphones. In this post, we are going to discuss the major Galaxy AI features of Samsung Galaxy S24 series.

6 Major Galaxy AI Features of Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

Samsung integrated AI wherever it was possible. They revealed all of the Galaxy AI features of Samsung Galaxy S24 Series at their Galaxy Unpacked event. Here are the the 6 major Galaxy AI features that will change how users are going to use smartphones with AI.

1. Real-Time Translation

Samsung addresses the communication barrier faced by people when they can’t understand each other’s language. The S24 series will come with a new feature that will translate your calls in real time within the native call app. This feature supports 13 different languages and also remembers language settings. The S24 series smartphones provide live translation of your call both verbally and on screen. It doesn’t matter which phone is used by the other person, even if it is a landline.

With Interpreter, live conversations with a person can be instantly translated on a split-screen view so that both parties can read what the other person said in their native language and reply. It doesn’t require cellular data or Wi-Fi.

AI feature realtime translation
Image Credits: Samsung

2. Chat Assist

AI built into the Samsung keyboard directly translates your texts as you type. When you type the message in your own language, the Chat Assist feature automatically translates into the language you want to speak with the other person. The chat assist feature also helps you communicate in different tones, such as a chill tone with friends or a formal tone with coworkers or your boss.

AI feature chat assist
Image Credits: Samsung

3. Transcript Assist

When you are in a meeting and you wish someone could take notes for you, Galaxy AI can do this job for you, even when there are multiple speakers. The native voice recording app comes with Transcript Assist. With Transcript Assist’s AI speech-to-text technology, it can easily differentiate between the voices of different speakers and create a summary of the voice recording. It can even translate recordings.

AI feature transcript assist
Image Credits: Samsung

4. Note Assist

The Notes Assist feature of Samsung uses AI to arrange your notes into better structure by changing format or adding bullet points to improve readability. With Samsung’s Notes Assist, you can easily convert your notes into AI summaries.

AI feature note assist
Image Credits: Samsung

5. Circle to Search

Google introduced a new feature called circle to search, in which users need to long press the home button and then tap, scribble, highlight, or circle an object or whatever they are curious about on the screen, and Google automatically searches the selected object for more context regarding it and helps you learn more about it. Even while browsing videos, users can search for something that appears in the video by long-pressing the home button and circling that object using an S pen or finger. Depending on a user‘s location, for certain searches, generative AI-powered overviews can provide helpful information and context pulled together from across the web.

Currently, when you need to search for something in a photo or video, you need to take a screenshot, then open another app to upload the photo and wait for search results related to the photo. But with Circle to Search, you no longer need to open other apps or take screenshots; simply circle the object you want to learn more about, and Google will provide high-quality search results. This saves a lot of time and increases productivity. The circle to search will be available on all three models of the S24 series. This feature will only search the area you have selected on the screen.

Click to Search AI feature of Samsung Galaxy S24
Image Credits: Samsung

6. Generative AI Editing

The S24 series comes with Galaxy AI editing tools that can easily erase, re-compose, and remaster captured images. The edit suggestion from Galaxy AI suggests changes for each photo. It also consists of a generative fill feature, which can fill up an image background with generative AI. AI can fill borders as well as move an object in the image. AI lets users adjust the position of the subject and generate a perfectly blended background in its original spot.

Generative Fill Galaxy S24 series
Image Credits: Samsung


AI features of Samsung Galaxy S24 series have changed the way users interact with their smartphones. Samsung’s S24 series begins a new era of mobile AI. This will increase competition in the smartphone market as many other smartphone brands will try to match the level set by Samsung. So it will be interesting to see how major smartphone brands like Apple give competition to Samsung’s S24 series.

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