4 Groundbreaking Uses of AI in Healthcare

Nov 2, 2023 | 0 comments

Emergence of AI has completely transformed the lives of millions of people and it has changed how industries work and function. One such industry which has been transformed by AI is the healthcare industry. Uses of AI in healthcare industry can reduce the chances of human error and have a great impact on the lives of people.

Here are 4 uses of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Industry:

1. Helps in Disease Prediction

A Group of Doctors using  ai in healthcare

With AI systems prediction of diseases has become way easier than ever. AI systems use data analyses in which massive datasets from several sources such as electronic health records, medical images(X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans) and patient medical history is analyzed. AI algorithms can detect subtle changes in this data to identify people at risk of diabetes, cancer, heart diseases or other harmful diseases.

2. Increases Workflow of Hospitals

Doctors using AI to predict diseases

AI increases the workflow of Hospitals by predicting Admission Rates, Availability of Staff, Bed Availability and staff requirements hospitals get to know what is required and when it is required. It can also help to detect any fraudulent insurance claims moreover it can fix any billing errors which can save millions of dollars for a Hospital.

3. Help in Surgeries and Critical Operations

Surgeons doing surgery with the help of AI robot

There is a slight chance of human error during surgeries and critical operations but with the assistance of Advance AI robots and systems, surgeries and operations can be done more precisely and accurately which helps to eliminate all the errors and ensures speedy recovery of the patients. AI also helps to automate repetitive tasks so that the doctors can focus on more complex diagnosis.

4. Assistance with booking appointments

A Satisfied person after booking a hospital appointment using AI chatbot

Now gone are the days when people used to visit hospitals and wait for hours to get an appointment with the doctor, this made the process of getting diagnosed very difficult and people used to avoid going to hospitals. With the help of AI chatbots and virtual assistants patients can easily schedule an appointment with the doctors. Virtual Assistants and chatbots also help by answering various frequently asked questions. These assistants save a lot of time and money of hospitals as well as patients and make the process of getting diagnosed fast and efficient.


With the evolution of AI, the healthcare industry has been benefited immensely by improving efficiency of diagnosis, reducing costs, giving early warning signs and improving overall healthcare of patients. But it is also important to monitor the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in order to ensure the safety of patient’s data, moreover it shouldn’t replace the care and understanding humans bring to healthcare. So by establishing a proper balance between artificial intelligence technologies and human interaction we can utilize the full potential of Artificial Intelligence.


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