5 Biggest Fears of AI for Humans

Nov 5, 2023 | 0 comments

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with creating systems and programs that usually require human intelligence. Recently, the use of artificial intelligence has increased on a large scale because of the benefits it can provide to our society. However, with its rising popularity comes some concerns about artificial intelligence that we need to take into account.

Risks involved with use of AI

Artificial intelligence can do anything that a human desires within a few seconds, due to which its use has increased a lot. It is able to serve humanity in various domains such as healthcare, education, finance, customer service, technology, etc. But everything in this universe has its advantages as well as disadvantages, so if we want artificial intelligence to take over such important and critical aspects of our lives, we must be aware of the risks involved with the use of AI.

1. Loss of Human Employment

People looking for employment after getting replaced by AI

With advancements in AI, there are a number of jobs that will become irrelevant. Work done by a group of people can be easily done by using a single AI system or program. Every company wants to be profitable, so they can easily replace the jobs of those people with this AI system or programme and reinvest the money they used to pay their employees back into their business. This can easily cause economic disruption and job displacement in various departments of a given company. This can further increase the crime rates in a country, as people can go down the wrong path in order to feed their families and live their lives.

2. Threat to Privacy

Threat to people's privacy by using AI systems

Artificial intelligence systems pose an overwhelming threat to privacy. Whenever we use an artificial intelligence system, most people don’t even properly read the terms and conditions or the privacy policy of the given system and give it access to capture all our data. This data can be easily collected and misused in a number of ways, and various cyber attacks can be performed using your data.

3. AI in autonomous weapons and warfare

Fear of AI by using it in weapons and wars.

Artificial intelligence can be easily automated to create advanced weapons, because of which a global arms race would become certain. Moreover, a weapon can be launched by itself if it is autonomous and has decision-making capabilities. Due to a lack of human intervention, it can cause unintended harm and is a potential threat to humanity.

4. Manipulation and Deepfakes

Creation of deep fakes by using AI

After the worldwide use of artificial intelligence, the creation of fakes has increased on a large scale. Deep fakes of famous celebrities and businessmen are being used to create adult videos or manipulated videos, and these videos are being sold online, which tells us that artificial intelligence can create a deep fake of a person even if it only has a picture of someone’s face. Though we can still recognize a deep fake if it is not perfect, with the advancements in AI, this technology may be easily made perfect, and we may not be able to tell the difference between truth and fake. This will surely become a threat to humans.

5. Decrease in Critical Human Skills

Confused person unable to make decisions

As reliance on AI increases, most people use it to perform even the basic tasks that can be easily done without using artificial intelligence models like ChatGPT. As per psychology, giving more time to do logical, critical, and creative thinking makes our minds sharper, but with the use of artificial intelligence, the ability to do logical, critical, and creative thinking is decreasing quickly. We rely on artificial intelligence to do scripting, research, write captions, get ideas, make presentations, and much more. Although this saves a lot of time, it is decreasing our ability to think.


It is evident that addressing the risks of AI is of utmost importance. From job displacement to ethical dilemmas, understanding and managing these risks is important. Framing laws for AI as well as striving for a balanced future where AI technology is developed and used responsibly is key. Responsible AI development, along with regulation and ethical framework usage, should be prioritized to harness the benefits while minimizing its negative consequences.


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