6 AI-Proof Jobs that are safe from Automation

Nov 26, 2023 | 0 comments

AI- Proof Jobs that can't be automated

After the launch of ChatGPT and other AI tools, with all the advantages, it also brought some adverse effects. People in the job market have a fear of losing their jobs to artificial intelligence systems. It is not entirely wrong to think that they will lose their jobs because various surveys and reports stated that with the evolution of AI, most of the jobs will be automated, and a smaller human workforce will be required for most of the jobs. However, there are some AI-proof jobs that can’t be automated by artificial intelligence.

In this blog post, we are going to tell you about 5 AI-proof jobs through which you can earn a good amount of money, and these jobs cannot be automated by artificial intelligence in the near future. Share this blog post with people who are scared by the thought of AI replacing all jobs.

6 AI-Proof Jobs

There are many jobs that AI can’t do as well as humans. Here are the top 6 jobs that certainly can’t be automated by AI in the near future:

1. Healthcare Jobs

Healthcare Jobs consisting of Doctors and Nurses

Healthcare jobs are the most important jobs in a society, which is why it is very difficult to become a healthcare professional. The amount of study and practical training needed to get a job in the healthcare sector is a lot higher as compared to other job sectors.

Although some AI robots and systems are being used in healthcare for various surgeries, the care, compassion, human connection, empathy, patient relationships, and critical decision-making skills of healthcare professionals make it impossible for AI to completely take over the healthcare sector.

2. Teaching Jobs

Teacher teaching students

The role of a teacher is very important for someone to understand something; without a teacher, it is very difficult to learn something that you don’t know. A teacher makes sure that their students easily understand everything that they have been taught.

AI can be used in education to automate some administrative tasks and provide additional resources to make it easier for students to understand any concept. The human interaction, way of teaching, ethical guidance, and motivation that a teacher provides can never be replaced by AI, which makes the human touch in teaching irreplaceable.

3. Therapists and Psychologists

Psychologist treating patient

Psychologists and therapists are professionals who study human behaviour, have expertise in treating patient emotions, and help them handle mental health problems in order to live a better life.

AI can be used in various ways in psychology, such as patient’s data analysis and other resources that can help in diagnosing a patient. The qualities possessed by a psychologist, such as emotional intelligence, trust building, and moral decision-making, make it difficult for AI systems to take over their jobs. Moreover, every human has different personal experiences and different behaviours that can only be understood by a human.

4. Creative Jobs

People doing creative jobs

Creative jobs such as those of a filmmaker, designer, video editor, or marketing manager are very difficult to replace by AI because of the emotional intelligence, adaptability, intuition, and personal expression a creative artist adds to his work. AI can generate music, patterns, and even artwork, but the core elements of creativity are likely to remain distinctly human for the foreseeable future.

5. Skilled Trade Jobs

People doing blue collar jobs

Before the evolution of AI, many people thought that blue-collar jobs would be replaced first, but it is evident that trades such as driving, plumbing, cleaning, and repairing are the least affected by artificial intelligence. These jobs demand skilled people to have hands-on experience and training, which is lacking in AI robots and systems.

6. Cyber Security Jobs

Cyber Security Specialists doing their job

Cybersecurity jobs may become the most demanding in the upcoming future. The evolution of artificial intelligence has led to an increase in the number of cyber crimes that are being spread around the world. AI is being used to create deep fakes, do identity theft, and make fake phone calls, so the role of a cyber security specialist becomes more important.

AI can be used as a tool to prevent cyber crimes, but human expertise, investigation, social engineering, and adaptability to counter new threats are the qualities that make it difficult for AI to replace these specialized jobs in the upcoming future.


Although AI is able to do various tasks that humans never thought it would be able to do, With advancements in technology, some people are bound to lose their jobs, but it also leads to the emergence of new jobs. AI is still a tool that should be used by everyone to make their jobs easier. The above-mentioned AI-proof jobs prove that it is not that easy to take over or replace the human workforce in the foreseeing future.


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