A New Amazon AI Assistant is Going to Revolutionize your Shopping Experience

Feb 6, 2024 | 0 comments

Amazon AI Assistant

Amazon has launched an AI shopping assistant called Rufus to enhance the shopping experience of their customers. Rufus is trained on Amazon’s extensive product catalog, customer reviews, community Q&As, and information from across the web.
It can help the users by answering questions, comparing products, and providing them with recommendations. Amazon AI assistant, Rufus, is still under development, but its beta version is available to some Amazon app users in the US. It is expected to become available to more users and roll out in various regions in the upcoming months.

“We are excited about the potential of generative AI and will continue testing new features to make it even easier to find, discover, research, and buy products in Amazon’s store,” Amazon said.

How does Amazon AI Assistant Rufus work?

Whenever users ask anything in the search bar, Rufus automatically opens from the bottom of the screen and answers your queries. To dismiss it, users can tap elsewhere on the Amazon app.

You can also compare things by entering them in the search bar, for example, “compare drop and pour over coffee makers,” and Rufus will compare them for you.

You can also ask follow-up questions like “which is easier to clean” after it answers your previous queries. Rufus also gives suggestions while searching on Amazon to further enhance the shopping experience of users.

You can provide feedback on the basis of the response Rufus gave. It will be used to fine-tune the AI assistant.

The AI Assistant can take input in both text and audio formats; however, it can only generate text for now. It is currently available on the mobile app to only a small number of users in the US. Amazon didn’t clarify whether Rufus would be available for the website version or not.


Amazon had already been using AI and machine learning for years in their product recommendation system, Alexa, drone deliveries, and various other areas, but now they have entered the generative AI race with their AI chat assistant. This is certainly going to change how users shop on the e-commerce platform and will boost sales.

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