Adobe is Working on a New AI Music Generation and Editing Tool

Feb 29, 2024 | 0 comments

Adobe AI Music Generation Tool
Image Credits: Adobe

Adobe’s new Gen AI prototype tool, known as Project Music GenAI Control, lets you generate music from simple text prompts. Users can also edit the generated music using the tool without the need for any dedicated software.

The Project Music GenAI Control allows users to adjust tempo, intensity, repeating patterns, and structures. It also has the ability to extend a music track, remix music, or create endless repeatable loops.

Adobe developed the tool in collaboration with the University of California and the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

Senior Research Scientist at Adobe Research, Nicholas Bryan, said, “With Project Music GenAI Control, generative AI becomes your collaborative partner. It aids individuals in crafting music for their projects, catering to the needs of broadcasters, podcasters, and anyone else requiring audio with the perfect mood, tone, and duration.”

How Does it Work?

Users first need to input a text prompt to produce initial audio in a particular genre, such as by entering prompts like “sad jazz” or “happy dance.”

After the music is generated, users can adjust the tempo, intensity, repeating patterns, and structures of the music according to their preferences.

Users can also reshape the music based on a reference melody, remix the music, or create endless repeatable loops.

Currently in the Research Stage

The tool is an early-stage experiment, and currently it is in the research stage. So it may take some time to add the tool to Adobe’s other editing software, like Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere Pro.


Adobe’s new music AI tool will be a game changer for content creators and broadcasters, as they will now be able to generate music without any music production experience. Moreover, this will be way easier than generating music with dedicated software. Although there are a lot of AI music generation tools present, none of them allow you to edit the AI-generated music, so Adobe’s new AI tool is different from others and soon might be used by big brands and music companies.

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