All About Brilliant’s New Frame AI Smart Glasses

Feb 9, 2024 | 0 comments

Frame AI Smart Glasses
Image Credits: Brilliant Labs

Brilliant Labs has introduced their AI smart glasses, known as Frame. The company says the glasses give you AI superpowers. After Humane’s AI Pin, Brilliant’s AI Frame can be the next big thing in the wearable AI product category. The frame projects visuals in front of your face through the lenses.

Frame’s AI voice assistant, “Noa”

The Frame AI smart glasses come with a multimodal AI voice assistant, “Noa,” which can give answers to your various queries, including making calls, sending messages, controlling music, and more.

It consists of a camera that can be used to ask virtual-based queries, so you can ask questions like “How many calories are in this food?” “Is this food a good option for vegans?” “What’s the price of this shoe online?” and much more. It is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, which helps to generate images and answer all visual-based queries of the users.

Image Generation in Brilliant's Frame
Image Credits: Brilliant Labs

Brilliant Labs says Noa learns about its users over time and adapts according to the user and the tasks it receives.

AI models integrated into Frame AI Smart Glasses

Frame AI smart glasses use stable diffusion to generate AI images and consist of a speech recognition system called Whisper for real-time speech recognition and translation. With these glasses, you can search the web with the help of a Perplexity AI-powered search engine.

“The future of human/AI interaction will come to life in innovative wearables and new devices, and I’m so excited to be bringing Perplexity’s real-time answer engine to Brilliant Labs’ Frame,” said Aravind Srinivas, CEO and founder of Perplexity, in a statement.

Web Search in Brilliant's Frame
Image Credits: Brilliant Labs

Brilliant Labs’ continues to be opensource, and design files and code are freely available on Github. Developers can view and modify Frame’s software with full resources, including documentation and open-source code made available by Brilliant Labs.

Specifications of Frame AI Smart Glasses

Frame weighs 39 grams and can be worn all day long. The Frame AI smart glasses consist of two batteries and a camera. It comes with an integrated microphone, PCBA, overmolded Flex Circuit, an AR lens, and an optional prescription lens, which is used by people wearing prescription glasses.

The batteries are charged with “Mister Power,” which connects in between the two lenses.

The right lens consists of a micro-OLED display with a display resolution of 640×400 pixels and 3000 nits of brightness, so the display is shown only on one side.

The display doesn’t fill the entire field of view and only shows a 20-degree diagonal field of view.

It comes in three different colors: smokey black, cool gray, and H2O, which is transparent.

Frame AI smart glasses are compatible with Brilliant’s Noa app, available for both Android and iOS.

Availability and Pricing of Frame AI Smart Glasses

The product is available for preorder today on Brillant Labs’ official website and comes at a price point of $349. Early buyers of Frame AI smart glasses will have free AI service with a daily cap on requests. A paid AI plan will be announced later. The shipping of the AI-powered glasses will start in April 2024.

Funds Received by Brilliant Labs

Brilliant Labs’ smart glasses have caught the attention of John Hanke, CEO of Ninantic, the company known for developing popular AR games like Pokemon Go, and he has invested in their startup. Although Brillant Labs hasn’t disclosed how much funding it has received from Hanke, after receiving funding from him, Brilliant Labs has received a total of $6 million in funding since its formation.

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