Apple is working on Developing 2 New Foldable iPhones

Feb 8, 2024 | 0 comments

Apple working on Foldable iPhones
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According to some reports, Apple is working on developing 2 prototypes of new foldable iPhones with clamshell designs. The concept of foldable phones was first introduced by Samsung in 2019 after launching the Galaxy Fold, which folded vertically. Since then, Samsung has introduced new foldable smartphones labeled under the Galaxy Z series.

According to a report by The Information, Apple is not going to launch these foldable iPhones before 2026, and it has approached a manufacturer from Asia regarding the components of these foldable phones.

Since 2020, Apple is said to have been working on developing a foldable iPad with an 8-inch screen. There are fewer issues with creating foldable iPads as compared to foldable iPhones because they are not carried in pockets and don’t undergo drop tests. Apple is working with tech giants like LG and Samsung to develop foldable iPad prototypes.

Issues faced by Apple while creating foldable iPhones

Apple has been thinking of creating a foldable smartphone for years, but they face many challenges while developing the foldable iPhones. Apple’s designers wanted to create a foldable phone whose displays faced outward when folded. But the problem with that was that the phones break when they are dropped.

The designer team also finds it tough to add new features for foldable phones to make them tempting enough to buy, considering they will roll out at a higher price point than normal iPhones.

They also want each side of the foldable iPhone to be as thin as the currently available iPhones, but fitting batteries and other display components is difficult.

Apple also wants their foldable phones’ screens to be totally flat when opened and not consist of any bumps inside the middle. Samsung managed to fix this issue after years of testing and developing foldable phones.


Apple has just released their major product after a decade, i.e., the Vision Pro, which is getting highly popular among people and is seen being used in a lot of places around the US. The next big product for Apple will certainly be the iPhone 16 and its versions. It will be interesting to see how Apple integrates AI into the iPhone 16 to compete with current players like Samsung. In between this news, developing foldable iPhones is something that Apple has wanted to do for years. There is still time for foldable iPhones, so let’s see what innovation and development Apple does in this area.

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