CES 2024: The 9 Best AI Products and Technologies

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9 Best AI Tools at CES 2024

CES 2024 was held in Las Vegas last month. The show was all about new innovations, products, and technology. But the main focus of every tech brand was on integrating AI technology into their upcoming products.

9 Best AI Products and Technologies at CES 2024

We saw a lot of new AI products and innovations, but here are the top 10 best AI products and technologies we saw at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

1. Motion Pillow

AI can help us become more productive at work, but what if we told you AI can now help you achieve better sleep? Motion Pillow is a product that utilizes AI to help you achieve a good night’s sleep and reduce snoring.

It is a smart pillow that comes with a unique solution box that detects the snoring sounds of the sleeping person. After it detects the snoring sound, the airbags in the pillow inflate to gently adjust the person’s head. This movement opens airways down the throat and thereby reduces the snoring of the sleeping person. The product is clinically tested and has the ability to adapt and adjust according to individual sleep patterns and the shape of their head and neck. It also comes with a dedicated app through which users can track their sleeping patterns.

The product won the CES 2024 Innovation Award in the Smart Home category. The Motion Pillow costs $699, but currently it is available at a 40% discount for $489.

Motion Pillow AI Device shown at CES 2024

2. Bmind Smart Mirror

This innovative product launched at CES 2024 uses AI to reduce stress and anxiety and improve mood.

Bmind uses generative AI along with natural language processing to have conversations with the user. It asks the user about his or her day and analyzes the user’s mood through their expressions and gestures. It adapts according to the user’s current mood and provides light therapy. It also encourages users to do meditation. Bmind says your personal data is never shared without your consent, and it is stored locally, ensuring data privacy.

Bmind’s smart mirror is currently not available to purchase, but it will be available to purchase by the end of 2024 and come within a price range between $500 and $1,000.

Bmind Smart Mirror

3. Nimble Beauty Device

This one is for the ladies. Nimble is an AI-powered device that can manicure your nails. Now there’s no need to go to the salon to have gorgeous-looking nails. Nimble uses patented technology to scan, paint, and dry your nails. The company claims that the Nimble device does flawless manicures within 25 minutes.

To use this device, users need to insert base coat, nail color, and top coat capsules inside the device, then put their hand inside the device and press start. Nimble then scans, paints, and dries your nails.

You can preorder the device with a $99 down payment; the device currently costs $599. Nimble has mentioned on their website that the shipment of their device will start on March 15, 2024.

Nimble Beauty Device

4. Rabbit R1

Rabbit R1 is a compact AI-powered device revealed at CES 2024 that became one of the fastest-selling devices. 10,000 units of the device were already sold on their first pre-sale day. Rabbit comes with their own RabbitOS operating system that uses a ‘Large Action Model’ (LAM) and easily gets your daily tasks done without using any apps.

It comes with a touch screen, a push-to-talk button, and an analog scroll wheel, along with a microphone and speakers. You can ask anything by pressing and holding the push-to-talk button, and Rabbit answers within 500 milliseconds.

Rabbit’s CEO, Jesse Lyu, wants to find a universal solution to control the apps and services so that we don’t have to keep on opening apps and pressing endless buttons in order to get things done.

Rabbit R1 comes with a 2.88-inch touch screen and runs on a 2.3 GHz MediaTek processor. The device consists of 4 GB of RAM and comes with 128 GB of storage. It also consists of a camera that can rotate 360 degrees, so it can be used as a selfie as well as a back camera, and users can easily capture photos and videos.

Rabbit R1

5. Nvidia AI NPC

Now you can communicate with in-game NPCs in real-time with the help of AI.

Nvidia partnered with Convai and unveiled their AI-powered NPCs for video games during CES 2024. A player can interact with an NPC in real time while playing a game. Nvidia uses Avatar Cloud Engine technology, which produces microservices. Two types of microservices are used to bring NPCs to life. The first is Audio to Face, which uses AI to help create lipsync and facial expressions in real time, and the other is ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition), which converts a user’s voice into text.

When a user asks something or interacts with the NPC, the user’s audio is converted into text using the ASR. The text is then passed to a cloud-based large-language model to get a response from NPC. The response is sent to Audio2Face, which syncs the audio, which is further rendered in the game.

Nvidia said that many game developers are already using ACE production services, including ASR and Audio to Face.

6. Samsung Ballie

Samsung introduced their AI companion, Robot Ballie, that works as a home assistant and helps you around the house with daily tasks. Samsung showed in their demo video that Ballie consists of a built-in projector, which can help you watch videos on any surface around your home. It drives autonomously around the house to complete tasks. It can answer your questions as well as control smart devices in your home. Ballie can provide other services based on a user’s patterns and habits. The demo video also showed Ballie doing things like dispensing dog food and sending text messages.

Samsung hasn’t announced when they are going to launch the product or its pricing. But it is expected to be available at the end of this year.

Samsung Ballie

7. MoonWalkers X Shoes

The company Shift showcased their Moonwalkers X Shoes, which make your walking more efficient by helping you to move faster than your current walk speed. The shoes help to convert each step into a glide, thereby helping you to move fast.

The shoes are worn on top of your current shoes. The Moonwalker X weighs around 3.2 pounds. The shoes consist of six wheels and use AI algorithms to adjust your speed and provide better grip based on sensors inside the shoe. This helps to get better control on the road.

Shift hasn’t announced the price, but they have mentioned on their website that they will start shipping Moonwalkers X before July 1, 2024.

Moonwalkers X

8. Minitailz: Smart Dog Collar

This product is great for pet lovers. Minitailz is a smart dog collar developed by the French company Invoxia. Minitailz uses generative AI to detect your pet’s activities.

It allows you to easily monitor your pet’s heart health, activity status, appetite, behavior, and location. This helps you track your pet’s well-being on a daily as well as weekly basis. This can provide an early diagnosis in the event of any potential disease.

The product is available for 99 dollars on Invoxia’s official website.

Minitailz Smart Dog Collar


Holoconnects introduced their AI-powered holographic solution at CES 2024. The technology requires the internet as well as electricity to work.

Holoconnects provides a holobox that consists of anti-glare glass, two HiFi built-in speakers, an 86″ transparent LCD screen, and an advanced touch system. The holobox uses a 4K camera to send your 3D hologram over the internet.

To see a holographic projection of a person, the person needs to be in a well-lit area with a white background. If you are not in a well-lit area with a white background, the other person will see a camera shot of you, just like in a zoom call, instead of your hologram.

The company hasn’t priced the holobox, but you can request a price list on their website.


So these were some of the best AI products and Technology we saw at CES 2024.

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