ChatGPT’s New Memory Feature Makes it More Personalized for its Users

Feb 14, 2024 | 0 comments

ChatGPT's New Memory Feature

OpenAI just launched ChatGPT’s new memory feature that enables the chatbot to remember details from previous chats. The feature is currently available for only some select ChatGPT users, and the company will roll out the feature soon to other users. Users can ask ChatGPT to remember something specific or let it pick up details itself. This new feature is going to make the AI chatbot more tailored and personalized for individual users.

What is ChatGPT’s New Memory Feature?

The new feature helps ChatGPT remember things you discuss across all chats. This saves you time, as now you don’t need to repeat the same things. For example, if you have told the chatbot that you prefer a certain programming language while generating codes, you won’t need to tell it again and again to write code in that language. The chatbot will automatically give you a code in your previously preferred language.

OpenAI, while giving an example of ChatGPT’s new memory feature, wrote in their blog post, “You’ve told ChatGPT you own a neighborhood coffee shop. When brainstorming messaging for a social post celebrating a new location, ChatGPT knows where to start.” 

In this way, it saves a lot of time, as you don’t need to tell the chatbot again that you already own a neighborhood coffee shop. It remembers your previous chats and gives results based on them.

ChatGPT's New Memory Feature Settings

How to access ChatGPT’s New Memory Feature

ChatGPT’s new memory feature is currently only available to select users. To use this feature, go to and follow the below steps:

  • Click on your account at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Click on your account and select settings.
  • Under Personalization, you will find the memory feature. You just need to turn it on, and ChatGPT will now automatically remember your chats.

In the future, if you don’t want to use this feature, you can turn it off by following the same steps mentioned above.

Delete Memory with Manage Memory

If you want ChatGPT to forget something, you can go to settings > personalization, and you will find a manage memory option. From here, you can delete a specific memory that you want to erase from ChatGPT’s memory.

OpenAI says deleting a chat doesn’t erase the memory; you manually have to follow the above method to erase memories.

Manage Memory Settings in ChatGPT

What is Temporary Chat?

OpenAI has added a new temporary chat option while using ChatGPT. All conversations done in temporary chat don’t create or use memory. The temporary chats don’t appear in the history, which you see on the left side of the ChatGPT interface.

This way, you don’t have to turn off the memory feature for unnecessary chats. This is useful in cases where you just need to ask a few simple questions that are not that important or that won’t be asked again by you. 

This helps people who have a lot of previous chats and don’t want unnecessary chats to show up when they use the chatbot again.

How to Access Temporary Chat?

To use temporary chat, just click on the drop-down next to ChatGPT version at the top. You will see a temporary chat option at the bottom of the menu.

ChatGPT's Temporary Chat Interface

OpenAI On Privacy Related to ChatGPT’s New Memory Feature

OpenAI says that they will use the content you provide to ChatGPT, including memories, to train and make their model better for everyone. However, it will not use the memories of the ChatGPT team and enterprise users to train or improve their models.

So if you are a free user, your memories will be used by OpenAI unless you don’t allow the Chatbot to use your data from data controls.

OpenAI says that it is taking steps to steer ChatGPT away from proactively remembering sensitive information, like your health details, unless you explicitly ask it to remember these details.

It is always advisable not to share sensitive information with these chatbots, as they are continuously getting trained based on your data.


ChatGPT is slowly becoming personalized for individual users with this new memory feature. This is going to save a lot of time and make users more productive. With Google’s Gemini recently coming into competition, ChatGPT’s new memory feature again gives OpenAI’s chatbot an upper hand. We may see Google and other companies making their chatbots more personalized in the near future.

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