New Slack AI Features are here to Boost Productivity

Feb 15, 2024 | 0 comments

Slack AI
Image Credit: Slack

Enterprise Messaging Platform Slack has released some Slack AI features in their app that will help their users work efficiently. Slack announced last year, in May, during the Salesforce World Tour that they were working on adding generative AI capabilities to their platform.

Slack AI features

The new AI features integrated by Slack include summarizing messages from a channel or thread and searching for content.

Summarize messages with the help of Slack AI

Slack has released a feature in which its AI model can summarize all the unread messages of a channel or a thread. It can also summarize messages from the past week or in the time frame chosen by the user. It is helpful for employees who didn’t go to the company for a few days and want to catch up or who don’t want to read all the messages in order to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the company. The AI model generates summaries of all the discussed topics along with their sources. 

Summarize Conversations with Slack AI
Image Credit: Slack

How to Summarize the Messages of a Channel or Thread Using Slack AI

To summarize messages, go to a particular channel or thread and click on the star symbol present in the top right corner. Click on it, and you will get the option to either summarize unread messages, summarize all messages from the last 7 days, or summarize messages from your selected time frame. 

Summarize Options while using Slack AI
Image Credit: Slack

Search Content Using Slack AI

If your project and workplace policies are mentioned on Slack, you can ask questions from Slack AI. You can ask questions related to your projects, and it will give the right result, including the source to build trust. 

You can simply enter queries in the Slack search bar, and the AI will give accurate results based on your company’s public communications and your personal conversation. It also provides answers to other relevant questions related to your query. 

Users can also provide feedback on the generated answers. Users can give bad, good, or neutral feedback based on the answers generated by Slack AI. This will help tune the AI model to perform better. 

Search for Queries with Slack AI
Image Credit: Slack

Slack on security while using Slack AI

Slack is committed to building AI products safely, responsibly, and ethically. It says that they do not share customer data with the LLM providers and don’t use that data to train LLMs. Although Slack didn’t disclose which LLM model they were using, it says that the LLMs are hosted directly within Slack to ensure the privacy of users’ data.

Availability of Slack AI 

Slack AI is available as a paid add-on for Slack Enterprise Plans. It is currently available in only the US and UK in English, but the company says additional plans and support for other languages are also coming soon. 

Upcoming Plans for Slack

Slack reveals that they are planning to create a new digest feature that will give highlights from channels to users and keep them up-to-date. Along with this, Slack is also working on the native integration of Salesforce’s own chatbot, Einstein AI, in the future, which will help employees get their work done faster by providing answers to questions directly in Slack.


The integration of Slack AI is going to change how its users use the platform. Its new generative AI features are going to make it really easy for employees to resolve their queries as well as catch up on what’s going on in the company. It is surely going to boost the productivity of its users.

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