Whispp’s Assistive AI helps People with Voice Disabilities

Feb 15, 2024 | 0 comments

Whispp's Assistive AI
Image Credit: Whispp

AI is making our lives easier every day with advancements in technology. Now, with Whispp’s assistive AI technology, people with voice disabilities can communicate efficiently. There are a vast majority of people all over the globe with voice disabilities who have trouble communicating with their friends and family. It also causes problems while they work with their colleagues and boss. 

Whispp’s assistive AI technology helps people who stutter severely and have voice disabilities communicate efficiently. 

It is extremely helpful for people who have severe stutter problems, vocal cord paralysis, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, and other voice-related problems to communicate better.

The CEO and cofounder of Whispp, Joris Castermans, knows the issues as he himself faces stutter problems.

“People who stutter severely, when they whisper, they are really fluent,” said Castermans.

Whispp also showcased their AI phone-calling feature at CES 2024, held in January.

How Does it Work?

Vocal-impaired people can call their friends and family with the Whispp calling app. Their friends and family don’t need to download the Whispp app in order to receive calls from people using the app.

Friends and family who want to call or video call the person with a voice disability can download the Whispp app and use it for free to call.

Whispp Working
Image Credit: Whispp

Whispp’s audio-to-audio AI technology and calling app helps to convert whispered speech and vocal cord-impaired speech into a clear and natural voice without any delay. Users have the option to select the voice of their liking while communicating over a call.

People with voice disabilities can also personalize their Whispp voice by recording some on-app voice samples by whispering in the app. The AI technology makes their Whispp voice sound more like the person’s original voice. 

Personalize Whispp AI voice
Image Credit: Whispp

How to Access Whispp’s Mobile App

With Whispp’s mobile app, people with voice disabilities can communicate efficiently by using their smartphones. The Whispp app is available for Android on the Google Play Store, and iOS users can download it through the App Store

Whispp’s subscription starts at $19.99.


AI is advancing at a level we never thought of. Each new day, we witness a new technology that makes our lives easier. Whispp’s Assistive AI is another great example of how AI benefits humanity. It is extremely helpful for vocally impaired people who are scared of talking to people because of their voice. It also helps people to communicate better at work and be more confident on calls.

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