Cognition AI’s Devin: An AI Software Engineer that Creates Websites and Apps with Simple Prompts

Mar 12, 2024 | 0 comments

Cognition AI's Devin
Image Credits: Cognition

Cognition AI just launched an autonomous coding agent named Devin. Cognition AI’s Devin has the ability to generate entire websites and apps with just a few simple prompts. Cognition calls Devin the first AI software engineer.

Cognition is an AI-based startup and currently only consists of 10 members. Cognition’s team consists of coding specialists, and they have won 10 gold medals at international coding competitions.

What can Cognition AI’s Devin do?

Cognition AI dropped some demo videos showing the capabilities of Devin. Devin consists of a command line, a code editor, and a web browser of its own. When an input prompt is given to Devin, it automatically generates files and starts coding. It also fixes bugs that occur in the code. It can also be used to train and fine-tune large language models.

Cognition AI’s Devin can learn how to use new technology by itself. In one demo video, it was given a blog post as an input and asked to create an image by using the technology explained in the blog post. Devin looked up the blog post, started to code, fixed bugs, and within minutes created the image using the technology explained in the blog post.

It can generate entire functional websites and applications and make changes to them. In one demo video, we saw how Devin was able to do real jobs. A person on Upwork wanted someone to make inferences for a computer vision model. Devin autonomously created inferences and fixed all the bugs it encountered.

How is Cognition AI’s Devin different from ChatGPT and Gemini?

There are already AI models, such as GPT4 and Gemini, that can help chatbots write code when given some input prompts. With these AI models, users need to deploy and execute the code manually and deal with bugs themselves, whereas Devin does the job for you by autonomously planning, executing, fixing bugs, deploying, and generating the final product.

Cognition AI’s Devin easily beats AI models such as Claude2, Llama3b 17, Llama3b 11, GPT-4, and ChatGPT 3.5 on the SWE-Bench coding benchmark as it is able to resolve 13.86% of issues autonomously.

How to Access Devin?

Devin is currently not publicly available, as it is in the early access stage. To request access to Devin, you need to fill out this Google form or contact Cognition AI via


Cognition AI’s Devin takes us one step closer to a point where everyone can code. This also increases the fear among software engineers of losing jobs, but it is still not possible to fully replace a software engineer with Devin. Although it is still not practically useful at 13.86% issue-resolving capability, we can expect it to get better with time. Surely, it will increase the productivity of software engineers.

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