Microsoft’s AI Odyssey aims to train 1,00,000 developers: Register Now

Jan 10, 2024 | 0 comments

Microsoft's ai odyssey

Microsoft recently announced an initiative called AI Odyssey, which aims to train 1,00,000 Indian developers with the latest AI tools and technology. Anyone who is interested in AI and wants to learn the latest tools and technology related to AI can join Microsoft’s AI Odyssey, irrespective of their previous background or experience level.

Microsoft India’s Managing Director, Irina Ghose, said, “AI is the future of innovation, and India is leading the way with its tech talent. The Microsoft Applied Skills credential will help developers demonstrate their competence and creativity in the most in-demand AI skills and scenarios. We welcome all developers to join us in creating meaningful AI solutions that will contribute to India’s economy,” in a statement released to the press.

Details of Microsoft’s AI Odyssey Programme

To participate in Microsoft’s AI Odyssey programme, interested people can register themselves on and access the learning modules and resources. It is a one-month-long programme that consists of two different levels that need to be completed before January 31, 2024.

At level one, the participants will learn how to use Microsoft’s Azure AI services to develop and deploy solutions for different scenarios. This will help them master practical AI skills as they will get access to useful code samples, resources, and guides.

At level two, the participants will have to complete an online assessment with interactive lab tasks to earn “Microsoft Applied Skills Credentials”. Microsoft Applied Skills Credentials validate their ability to solve real-world problems with AI.

Those who will be able to complete both levels will get a chance to win a VIP pass to attend the Microsoft AI Tour in Bangalore on February 8, 2024. The tour features various sessions where developers can learn from Microsoft experts more about AI and how generative AI can enable new forms of creativity, collaboration, and problem solving.


Microsoft’s AI Odyssey is a great programme for Indian developers who are interested in AI to learn more about the latest AI tools and technologies. In the current era where AI is being integrated into every industry, the programme will be a great learning experience for the participants, and they will learn the essential, in-demand practical skills that will help them solve real-world problems.

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