What is the hot selling AI Powered device Rabbit R1

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Rabbit R1

Rabbit R1 is a compact AI powered device revealed at CES 2024 which comes with powerful features and can change the way we interact with technology. Rabbit aims to create a computer so easy that anyone doesn’t need to spend time on learning it before using it. Rabbit has already sold over 10,000 units of the Rabbit R1 on their first pre-sale day.

Rabbit also posted the same on social media platform X while announcing their second presale round. The company shared that the expected delivery date of the device is between April and May 2024.

Details about Rabbit R1 and how it works?

Unlike most smartphones that work on an app based OS, Rabbit comes with their own RabbitOS operating system that uses a ‘Large Action Model’ (LAM) and easily gets your daily tasks done. The RabbitOS observes how humans interact with various user interfaces and mimics these processes. This allows you to do most of the things that you do with your smartphone like send messages, call contacts, control music, order an uber, order groceries and more without using apps.

Rabbit’s CEO Jesse Lyu wants to find a universal solution to control the apps and services so that we don’t have to keep on opening apps and pressing endless buttons in order to get things done. Lyu says “How can we find a universal solution to actually trigger our services, regardless of whether you’re a website or an app or whatever platform or desktop?”

It works like the Humane AI Pin in which you have to interact with the device in order to get things done but it is more affordable and doesn’t require any subscription to work. It comes with a touch screen, a push to talk button and an analog scroll wheel along with microphone and speakers. You can ask anything by pressing and holding the push to talk button and Rabbit answers within 500 milliseconds. 

The Rabbit R1 will also get a “teach mode” in an later update through which you can teach the device to perform a task that you want. You can teach the device by pointing the R1’s camera to your desktop or phone screen and by performing the task you want it to learn. After training when the “rabbits” learn how to do the task you can easily press the push to talk button and ask your R1 to do that task for you. 

Specifications of the Rabbit R1

The device comes with a 2.88 inch touch screen. It is powered by 2.3 GHz MediaTek processor. The device consists of  4 GB Ram and comes with 128 GB storage. The Rabbit R1 comes with a camera that can rotate 360 degrees to capture photos and videos which can be used as both selfie as well as back camera. It consists of a push to talk button, an analog scroll wheel along with microphone and speakers. There’s also a 4G LTE SIM card slot and can also be connected to Wi-Fi for better connectivity. It has a USB type-C charging port and Rabbit claims that the R1 has an ‘all day’ battery without specifying the battery capacity. 

Rabbit R1 Specs and Looks

Are there any Privacy Concerns with the Rabbit R1?

Rabbit claims to put privacy of users on top. The company says that they don’t store login credentials when you give access to your account to the device. CEO Jesse Lyu says “The way we design the infrastructure for apps that we interact with, we don’t create fake users or spam users, we don’t hack their infrastructures and of course we do not store any of your third party credentials. Instead we redirect you to their login page, we never save your username and password and we don’t track your data. The authentication happens on the respective apps.”

Rabbit also says that the R1’s microphone is only on when the push to talk button is pressed and it is not always listening. The camera’s lens is also physically blocked when it is not being used.

Pricing of the Rabbit R1 

The device currently comes at a price point of $199. However the first batch is sold out, you can still preorder the device from Rabbit’s official website.

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