Stable Video 3D Unveiled by Stability AI: Now Generate 3D Orbital Videos from Simple Images

Mar 19, 2024 | 0 comments

Stable Video 3D
Image Credits: Stability AI

Stability AI just released Stable Video 3D, a new AI model that converts simple images into 3D orbital videos. In December 2023, Stability AI released Stable Zero123, which was the first model in the series of 3D models. 

Now the company has unveiled Stable Video 3D. This new model is based on stable video diffusion and creates 3D videos with great quality and view consistency. The model can generate multi-view videos of an object, so it will be highly useful in the gaming and e-commerce sectors.

Stable Video 3D producing orbital 3d models
Image Credits: Stability AI

Stable Video 3D Unveiled by Stability AI

The new model, Stable Video 3D, is able to generate multiple novel images of an object with great multi-view consistency. Stability AI also claims that it delivers coherent views from any given angle with proficient generalization. The multi-view consistency capability of SV3D helps in generating high-quality 3D meshes from the generated novel views. This makes SV3D better than previous models such as Stable Zero123, which generated lower quality and inconsistent images.

Stability AI also mentioned this in their research paper, “Recent work on 3D generation proposes techniques to adapt 2D generative models for novel view synthesis (NVS) and 3D optimization.” “However, these methods have several disadvantages due to either limited views or inconsistent NVS, thereby affecting the performance of 3D object generation.”

The new model is way better than the other open-source alternatives, such as Zero123-XL and the previously released Stability AI’s Stable Zero 123 model.

To learn more about the technical details of the Stable Video 3D model, you can read the research paper here.

Stable Video 3D better than other models
Image Credits: Stability AI

Variants of the Stable Video 3D Model

The Stable Video 3D comes in two different variants, SV3D_u and SV3D_p.

SV3D_u lets users generate orbital videos from a single image input without camera conditioning.

SV3D_p lets users generate 3D videos from single image inputs with camera path conditioning. Camera path conditioning helps users create videos along a specified camera path.

How to Access the Stable Video 3D Model

The model is now available for both commercial and non-commercial use. Users can use it for commercial use with a Stability AI membership, which starts at $20 per month. For non-commercial use, they can download the model weights via Hugging Face.

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