Taylor Swift’s AI Deepfakes Spread on Social Media

Jan 25, 2024 | 0 comments

Taylor Swift's AI Generated Images getting Spread

Popular American singer Taylor Swift’s AI-generated sexually explicit images were largely shared and seen on Social Media Platform X. Some deep-fake images consisted of her in explicit poses during the Kansas City Chiefs game. It needs to be noted that Taylor Swift is supporting her partner, Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce, by attending NFL games. According to some, Taylor Swift’s AI-generated deep fakes originated on multiple AI porn sites earlier this month. However, the creator of the images is still unknown.

The deepfake posts were largely on social media platform X by a large number of accounts, including some blue-tick accounts. Some posts on X became really popular. One post got over 27 million views and more than 260 thousand likes within 19 hours. The account sharing this post was later suspended by X. X has removed several images, but some are still visible on the platform. It is also noted that X has been really slow to ban manipulated media that can cause negative effects.

Fans’ Reaction to Taylor Swift’s AI-Generated Deepfake Images

Taylor Swift’s fans were really angry and expressed their anger in their posts.

“whoever making those taylor swift ai pictures going to heII,” one X user wrote. 

“Shame on those people who are sharing disgusting AI pictures of Taylor Swift. Those people should have a special place in Hell,” another wrote.

“it doesn’t matter how famous someone is, “she’s white billionaire, so she will be fine” doesn’t give u authority to create her disgusting AI pictures. Grow up!” shared another user.

The fans were really upset about the fact that X didn’t remove the posts containing Taylor Swift’s AI deepfake images for many hours, with some posts that lasted almost a day before getting removed.

Her fans also showed support for her by trending the phrase “Protect Taylor Swift” on X. Many people started posting positive posts about Taylor Swift to suppress the AI-generated deep fakes on X.

Creating deepfakes with AI tools is really easy nowadays. Anyone can create a deep fake of a person without their consent with only a few clicks. This incident of Taylor Swift’s AI images has again warned us about the potential negative impacts AI can have on society. It is essential to have strict laws and regulations against the wrongdoings of AI. The way this technology is advancing, it might become really difficult to actually identify if an image is real or AI-generated. So policymakers need to act fast before it gets too difficult to regulate AI.

This type of content can cause harm to the person or celebrity whose AI-generated images are shared. So it becomes crucial for all social media platforms to actively monitor and moderate content on their platforms before it gets too late.

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