What is Google Lumiere? Google’s new Artificial Intelligence Video Generator Model

Jan 28, 2024 | 0 comments

Google Lumiere

If you are a video creator or a video editor, your job is going to get really easy. Google is soon going to release its new AI video generator model, known as Lumiere. With the help of Google Lumiere, you can generate stunning, realistic videos just by entering a few simple prompts.

What is Google Lumiere?

Google Lumiere is an AI model that is trained on a massive dataset of text and videos. It creates stunning videos based on the text or image prompts entered by the user. With Lumiere, users can also animate existing images as well as create videos in the style of an input image or a painting. Using Lumiere’s tools, users can also edit videos.

What makes Google Lumiere different from other AI Video Generators?

The Google Lumiere AI model is based on a SpaceTime U-Net architecture that creates the entire video at once. This gives smooth, realistic videos with great quality.

Whereas other AI video generators create keyframes and then fill in the gaps, which results in low-quality, unrealistic videos.

If you want to know more technical details about Lumiere, you can read the Research Paper prepared by Google Research’s team of researchers. The research paper showed that users preferred Lumiere over other text-to-video and image-to-video generators.

Features of Google Lumiere

The Artificial Intelligence  model consists of various features that can be widely used in various areas. The main features of Lumiere are:

1. Text to video

You can create stunning videos by entering simple text prompts such as “A young couple walking in heavy rain” or “Confident teddy bear surfer rides the wave in the tropics.” You can type how you want the video to look, and Lumiere will create the video for you.

Text to video conversion in Google Lumiere

2. Image to video

With Lumiere, users can also input images, which can be animated based on the text prompts entered by the user. 

Image to Video Conversion in Google Lumiere

3. Stylized generation

This feature can apply different art styles to videos. Users need to upload a video and a reference image, which consist of the style they want to apply to their video. Lumiere will create a video in the style of the reference image.

Stylized Images in Google Lumiere

4. Cinemagraphs

This feature allows users to create moving images. Users need to upload the image and select an area they want to animate within the image. Lumiere will keep the rest of the image still and add animations to the selected area.

Cinemagraphs in Google Lumiere

5. Video Inpainting

With the help of this feature, users can easily modify their videos. Lumiere can fill up missing parts of the video, remove unwanted elements, and add new elements to the video seamlessly.

Video Inpainting

6. Video Editing

Lumiere enables you to edit videos using simple text prompts. You can upload a video and enter text commands to change the appearance of objects in the video.

Video Editing in Google Lumiere

Potential Concerns about Google Lumiere

Just like any other AI technology, Google Lumiere can also be misused to cause harm. The video inpainting and video editing features of Google Lumiere might worsen the deepfakes issue spreading all around the world. The research paper also states that there is a need to develop and apply tools for detecting biases and malicious use cases.”

How to use Google Lumiere

Google Lumiere is still under development, and it is not publicly available at the moment. The model has been actively tested by researchers, and it is not yet known when it will be available to use. You can stay updated through Google AI’s research blog and look out for beta testing opportunities.


Google is beating top tech companies in the AI race by launching a series of AI features, and it is not going to stop in the coming future. Now, Google Lumiere is going to change the way video creators create videos. It is also going to tremendously help video editors. With new Artificial Intelligence technology, potential risks also emerge. So, it will be interesting to see how Google tackles the potential risks of Google Lumiere and its new AI technology. 

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