This AI tool can predict your death. Know Details

Dec 22, 2023 | 0 comments

ai tool used to predict death is carefully observed by healtcare specialists

AI changed our tech industry in a very positive way in 2023. It made people more productive by making everyday work tasks quick and easy. There are many AI tools that you can use for various purposes, but what if we tell you there’s a tool that can predict your death? So some researchers at the Technical University of Denmark have developed an AI model that can predict the lifespan, future, financial status, and much more of a person.

The name of the AI model that can predict your death is “life2vec.” It has been trained on the life stories of over 6 million people. It uses various personal data about people, such as their health, education, income, occupation, medical records, family history, and lifestyle choices, and uses advanced AI algorithms to make predictions. The model also suggests healthy lifestyle choices to live a better life.

Sune Lehmann, lead author of the December 2023 study, told The New York Post “We use the technology behind ChatGPT to analyze human lives by representing each person as the sequence of events that happen in their life.” “Using sequence of life events to predict human lives,”

“We use the fact that, in a certain sense, human lives share a similarity with language,” Lehmann said. “Just like words follow each other in sentences, events follow each other in human lives.”

Accuracy of Death Prediction AI model Life2Vec

Life2Vec is not the only model or tool that can predict death and other events; there are many other AI models that can predict such things, but the one major factor that sets Life2Vec apart is its accuracy rate of 78%. As published in the journal Nature Computational Science, a study reported that the predictions made by Life2Vec were 11 percent more accurate compared to existing AI models or methods that are used by life insurance companies.

This model was tested by researchers on people in the age group of 35–65, half of whom passed away in 2016–2020. It was found that the model clearly differentiated between those who lived and those who died.

Ethical Concerns of AI Death Prediction Tools

Although the AI model “Life2Vec” is great, but like any other AI model, it has some ethical concerns. The model can be used by life insurance companies. If insurance companies get to know the health concerns of someone or when he or she is going to die, they can easily use this model to their benefit by pricing their policies accordingly, which raises a big concern. So it is important to establish rules and guidelines to make Life2Vec a more effective AI tool.


This is a groundbreaking new development in the field of AI, as it is doing things humans never thought of. Although the results provided are only an estimate and don’t exactly tell your lifespan or other things, with further developments, it may be possible to have an accurate estimate of someone’s lifespan. It is also important to discuss the ethical concerns of the model and establish guidelines and rules to make this AI model more efficient and effective.


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