Apple’s MM1: New Multimodal AI Models Unveiled

Mar 18, 2024 | 0 comments

Apple Event May not Happen
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Apple is working on multimodal large-language AI models. Recently, a research paper was published on the online portal arXiv about MM1. Apple’s MM1 is a family of multimodal AI models. These multimodal AI models are state-of-the-art and perform competitively well after supervised fine-tuning on various multimodal benchmarks.

Although the research paper doesn’t mention anything about the Cupertino-based tech giant, most of the researchers in it are closely associated with Apple’s machine learning division. So there are high suspicions that the model is associated with Apple. 

About Apple’s MM1

Apple’s MM1 is a family of multimodal AI models with a size of up to 30 billion parameters that are capable of accepting both images and text as input. 

The MM1 research found that the choice of image encoder, number of image tokens, and image resolution have a high impact on the model’s performance, whereas the specific architecture has a negligible impact. “We show that the image encoder, together with image resolution and the image token count, has substantial impact, while the vision-language connector design is of comparatively negligible importance,” the research said.

The model is currently in the pre-training phase, and we don’t know if it will be able to produce the desired outputs.

Apple’s AI Strategy

According to some rumors, Apple is also working on an LLM framework known as “Ajax” and a chatbot called “Apple GPT”. According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple is spending around $1 billion per year on AI. 

Recently, Apple acquired a Canadian-based startup company, Darwin AI, which is going to help Apple strengthen on-device AI. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, also said during the Q1 earnings call that Apple is going to “break new ground” in GenAI this year. 

Now According to a new report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is in talks with Google and wants to partner with them to bring Gemini’s AI-powered features to their iPhones.

The World Wide Developers Conference, which will be held in June, is going to be the next major event for Apple, where we can expect it to announce iOS 18 and showcase major developments it has done in AI.


It is a big leap for Apple in GenAI. Although they are late in the AI race, they are now trying to compete with tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI. With Apple’s MM1, the company is looking to go all in with artificial intelligence. MM1 can help Apple bring AI to iPhones and other products.

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