Instagram’s Hidden Emoji Game: Here’s How to Play

Mar 9, 2024 | 0 comments

Instagram's Hideen Emoji Game

Did you know about Instagram’s Hidden Emoji Game? If you are feeling bored while scrolling through Instagram, if you want to play a simple fun game while traveling, or if you just want to pass time, there’s a hidden emoji game on Instagram that you can play. It is a pong game that you can play with emojis on Instagram. 

How to Play Instagram’s Hidden Emoji Game?

Follow the below steps to play Instagram’s Hidden Emoji Game:

  • To play this game, head over to your Instagram DM feed and open any chat.

  • Choose any emoji of your choice with which you want to play the pong game and send it. 

  • After sending the emoji, simply tap on it, and the game UI will open up.

If you don’t feel like sending an emoji to someone, you can select an already existing emoji that you or the other person has already sent in the chat conversation. Simply click on it, and the game will start. 

  • Just like in a pong game, your chosen emoji will bounce, and you have to stop it from hitting the bottom of the screen by using a slider that you can control.

  • After every 5 times you stop it from hitting the bottom, the speed of the bouncing emoji will increase, making the game more challenging.

  • If your chosen emoji touches the bottom, the game will be over and your score will be shown.

  • You can play again if you want.

Instagram's Pong Emoji Game UI

Instagram’s Hidden Emoji Game works perfectly fine on the latest version of the app. So if you are unable to play the emoji pong game, make sure that you are using the latest version of the app by updating it via the Google Play Store. 


Instagram recently added a lot of new features to their app, including an edit message feature, read receipts, and more. The emoji pong game feature will further improve the user experience on the app and make the app more interesting to use.

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